Greetings from Dublin



The Irish national soccer team plays at Aviva Stadium Wednesday night vs. Oman, after which the field will be converted for football (the American kind). Photo by Ken Sugiura

Jeff Schultz and I arrived in Dublin around 8:30 a.m. local time Wednesday morning after leaving Atlanta Tuesday afternoon and connecting through Paris. Much to my chagrin, I only slept a couple hours, the first hour or so upon leaving Atlanta and then a little bit of the second leg between Paris and Dublin.

I like Dublin so far. The weather is sunny but cool, although I’m told that it’s supposed to rain on game day.

Jeff and I went over this morning to Aviva Stadium, not far from our hotel in the city center. It’s a beautiful stadium and I got an inside look thanks to a visit with Tech equipment staffer Punt Windham (story to come) and a field crew staffer named Paddy (yes, his name is Paddy) Newman.

More to come.


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You're with Jeff Schultz? I would have ear plugs and a bottle of cognac.


Glad you made it over.  Now get some rest and enjoy the trip, just a little.