Tech broadcaster search down to three


AJC photo by Ken Sugiura

Georgia Tech’s search for its next voice of the Yellow Jackets may wrap up in about a week, possibly less.

Last Friday and this Monday, athletic department officials conducted on-campus interviews with three candidates, whose identities couldn’t be confirmed. A decision among the three had not been reached as of Wednesday, deputy athletic director Brett Daniels said. It’s conceivable another candidate could be brought in.

About 60 people applied for the job, whose profile has undoubtedly been raised by the jumps that the last two people in the chair have made. Wes Durham left Tech in 2013 for a play-by-play job with Fox Sports South, while Brandon Gaudin, Durham’s replacement, departed in June for jobs with EA Sports, the Big Ten Network and Westwood One Sports.

The new hire will have to get started quickly and had better already have a passport. Tech plays its first game Sept. 3 in Ireland.

A particular priority for athletic department officials with the search has been finding not only a play-by-play broadcasters for football and basketball games, but also someone who can fit into the culture of the institute. One way that Gaudin distinguished himself, particularly in the eyes of athletic director Mike Bobinski, was the way that he easily connected with Tech staff and fans.

Officials were looking for those qualities, as well as strong backgrounds with football and basketball, as they met with candidates.

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Will Cantrell
Will Cantrell

First question must be; 'WHAT'S THE GOOD WORD?'


I really liked Brandon a lot and loved the extra stuff he contributed to the program.  He had a different style from Wes but some of his calls are completely unforgettable.  The Kick and the Pick and The Miracle on Techwood Drive will go down in Tech history along with The Catch and The Miracle on North Ave.  I am sure we will hire someone good to replace Brandon, I just hope he is at least as good as who we have had in the past.  Big shoes to fill.


congrats to gaudin, but i never really connected with him like i did with wes.  didn't really like his style, but best luck to him.  hopefully tech can get someone who will stay awhile.  thats really how you connect with the fans, is staying and calling all of those big plays like... Oh, Charlie.  Oh Charlie. and The walk on just out ran the all americans.   maybe the next guy can have some of those moments